IslandGrove Services

IslandGrove Consulting Firm, Inc primarily provides financial services to corporations, their Shareholder’s, Sole Proprietorship companies, Individual’s, Partnerships and Non-Profits. We provide consulting with Business Start Ups. We incorporate businesses into 1120, 1120S, 1065 Partnerships and variations of 501c NP.

We assist current corps with their corporate structuring in a manner that increases the company’s net bottom line, increases the net revenue of Shareholders, Officers, Directors and Employees of the company.

The manner in which we structure the corporations require great detail in amending, recording, submitting and crafting Articles, Bylaws, The way the Stocks are held, how the company fulfills its fiduciary duties and abides by all federal and state corporate formalities and many other arrangements, strengthen the entity to where it is protected from a legal suit, the audit risk of a company is dramatically reduced, corporate and personal income tax liabilities are significantly decreased and all individuals with an ownership interest in the company generate dramatically higher net profits.

We also provide full service accounting, with services such as;

-Monthly Profit & Loss

-Sales Tax Preparation

-Alcohol Surcharge Prep

-Payroll (After the Fact (ATF) 941, 940, W4, W2, W3, etc.)

-Unemployment Insurance Reports

We provide Income Tax Preparation for the following entities;

-1120 Corporations

-1120s Corp

-1065 Partnerships (LLCs)


-Individual Tax Returns (1040EZ, 1040A, 1040

-Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C)

-We provide Audit Representation

We provide tax preparation for every level of complexity and we prepare every state income tax return.

IslandGrove also provides some service at no charge in the areas of healthcare (we help individuals and businesses become acquainted with the Affordable Care Act and how to navigate the plans in detail and teach businesses what is required of them in the area of healthcare for their employees and guide them in the ways of fulfilling their obligations.

We also give seminars to business owners and individuals on topics such as Taxation, Accounting, Business Management, the Affordable Care Act and other topics.

The operators of IslandGrove Consulting Firm, Inc. have been in the accounting and tax preparation industry since 2003.

If you have questions related to the IRS, Employment Law, Business Start Up, Corporations, Taxes or Accounting, you can reach IslandGrove at: 912-882-8244 or by email at:


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  1. Maegan Mirabile says:

    This company did my taxes for the first time this year and I am so happy that I chose them. Their customer service is OUTSTANDING! Any questions I had were answered promptly and efficiently. I can honestly say that I will use them for years to come. Thank you so much Island Grove Consulting.


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